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    Problems moving a .com domain

    I'm trying to move a .com domain and hosting away from one host (hostA) to another (hostB)

    HostB says "You need to get the domain name unlocked. Then you need to make sure there is a valid email address registered with the current registrar. Then you need to obtain the EPP or Transfer code from the current registrar.

    HostA says "
    If you wish to transfer your domain name to a different registrar please complete the following form and hit submit. Please be aware that this will release your domain to the specified company (when complete) and as a result all future technical and billing issues will no longer be the responsibility of

    New registrar name : ____________________

    Please note that a transfer away of your domain name is not essential to
    use your domain with a new host. If you wish to use your domain with a
    new hosting provider a nameserver update will suffice and is free. If you
    would like advice on this please let me know."

    My question is a simple one. Whose procudure is the right one?
    I've asked HostA 3 times today for an EPP.
    Am i right in thinking HostA are stonewalling me?
    The domain is up for renewal in 10 days.

    I've done this a couple of times with nominet's and it simple.
    This is a mess.

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    You need to

    1. Unlock the domain.

    2. Get the EPP code from host A

    Thats all you need the transfer can be initiated from host B.

    anything else is compete ********.
    I could tell you a joke about UDP. But I'm not sure you would get it!

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