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    Windows Server 2003 AD / DNS Issue

    Hello WHT,

    We have two Windows Server 2003 machines as active directory controllers and DNS servers for our in-house operations. For our purposes, let's say the domain name is Both servers have DNS, and is stored in Active Directory to allow us to use the benefits this provides. Our issue is probably simple, but I'm not sure how to fix it.

    Let's call server one EX1, and server two EX2. These have local IPs of and, respectively.

    We want to be resolved to an external IP address (for web hosting), let's say The problem is, the two domain controllers keep registering with their internal IP addresses .111 and .112, so the DNS round-robins between and the two internal servers, which aren't web servers.

    Is there a way we can get those DNS controllers to stop registering their internal IPs as

    Thanks for the help.

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    Martin Schultz
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    I'll start off by saying using the same Active Directory domain on the inside as the outside is a very bad idea, you should use .local or internally. This won't be the first issue you run into so I'd suggest picking up the rendom tool and renaming your domain to something more practical.

    You can then create your external zone in DNS and it won't be affected, or you could even host it on external DNS servers.

    You can stop clients registering themselves in DNS, but you can't stop domain controllers for the obvious reason that if they don't register your machines won't be able to find the DC and won't be able to authenticate.

    In addition remember that the A record at the root of the domain MUST without exception point to the DC's or your entire AD forest will break.


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