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    Exclamation Quality VS Quantity - Which do you choose?

    Hi guys,

    I've always heard of clients where their old host suffers from frequent downtimes or their site is always slow, etc kind of problems.

    One of the main reason is that lots of people are keen to sign up with host who offers massive amount of disk space and bandwidth at very low prices.

    This is actually called "Overselling", as the host will try to limit cpu and ram resource usage. This is normally only written in their Terms Of Service (TOS).

    As such, I would like to conduct a poll on "Quality VS Quantity - Which do you choose?" to understand the mentality of consumers today.

    Hope you guys can participate in this poll and give your comments or thoughts as well.

    Thank you.
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    Personally, quality every time - however, looking at most of the comments on here i'd say that most people will think quantity (no matter how they vote).

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    Quality for processing (php, mysql busy) and Quantity for streaming / downloads for the same site
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    I don't think it's quite that simple, as there are oversellers AND overchargers that fall short in the quality department.

    Not to mention, overselling is nothing more than math, so it doesn't directly affect support staff, network conditions, server load, etc...

    Quality problems are the result of humans not doing their jobs--not marketing gimmicks. Just like overcharging doesn't make a host better if the employees are all idiots.

    Having said that, the numbers speak for themselves and quantity has won. The biggest hosts in the world all oversell.

    Anymore, too many hosts sound like the Ma & Pa stores that complain about how no one will buy their $5 loaf of bread because Wal-mart sells it for $2.

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    I'm not gonna host all Universe at 1 shared account: I choose quality, not quantity.

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    I believe that everyone has some needs in space and bandwidth and everyone knows hoew muhe need. I think that both parameters mentiores are used. I have noticed that nowadays customers know more about tricks like overselling then several years ago... - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    The quality is important. It doesn't matter how much space or bandwidth you have if the quality is crap.(Unless if that is what you like)

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    I expect a certain level of quality regardless of the importance of my sites, but for more mission-critical sites, quality takes center stage.

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    Space and downtime are most important to me.All comes to kiosk or SBI.What else is out there?

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    The sad truth is that Quantity is more appealing and sells much better than Quality, especially for new users who only understand numbers.

    But obviously if you have a website, you want it to have little downtime, and if there is an issue or problem you'll want to be able to get a response back from your hosting provider in a reasonable time frame.

    So Quality > Quantity.

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    There's no point in having lots of disk space and bandwidth if you can't use the service because it's down all the time.

    Personally I'd never go for quantity, although that's just me.
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    Of one will ready without quality...but I we should check for the host who provide both the factors effectively...B'z Quality and Quantity both have their importance...

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    For the average joe, buying something he's not an expert at, things tend to follow a similar pattern.

    A "Quality over quantity?" question is almost like asking "Good or evil?". Most people will almost instinctively answer Quality, just as they'll prefer good over evil. In real life however, everyone will have a "less good" side, attracted to evil things like quantity.

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