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    Stupid newbie question need answering

    Okay,, i have never had a server with nothing but OS installed,, i normally have used some kind of idiot control panel for peeps like me...

    However i am checking out this server that has nothing but OS Redhat 7.2 and the other has windows installed...

    If this are the only things installed and i am going to be installed my own cp, how do i see to it that email, ftp,dns, etc. is setup??

    I know this is probably stupid question but how do i get these features on the server if they are not already present?


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    you best stick to hosted accounts.

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    I need a non-hosted account...

    Could you give me some advice..

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    Well, my advice is that.. if you're stuck with that server and you have no idea what to do with it, get someone experienced with linux to install webmin for you or maybe get yourself some sort of cp (there's a free one at but it's a bit complicated to setup for a newbie).

    Webmin is quite easy to learn if you take your time and I definitely recommend it as you can do just about everything on your server through it (setup accounts, manage email server, etc).

    Feel free to pm me if you have any further questions about what I just talked about.


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