Hi all,

I've been looking at spam filters and thought I would give spambouncer a try. Have installed it several times now, but just doesn't seem to work. Nothing is filtered.

I followed the (a little bit hard to understand) instructions at http://www.spambouncer.org, pretty sure I have it right. Also tried the very clear instructions at: http://www.uk2raq.com/raqfaq/raqfaqshow.php?faq=86

No success with either.

I am testing by putting a freemail address I have in the '.alwaysblock' file and then sending it to my raq address, always gets through. I also turned verbose 'on' but am getting nothing in the procmail.log.

Anyone else try spambouncer on their raq4 and gotten it to work? Where might I be going wrong?

Seems like it has some handy features (like the password to get through if an email is mistakenly blocked) - if it would work.