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    How to get rid of expired domain?

    I have a domain that I want to "release to public" so that someone I know wants to register it. It was previously under my own account and expired maybe 3 months ago. It still shows up in my account and is still pointing to my web host package, and it still can't be registered as it says its taken.

    How do I go about "releasing" it now that it expired?

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    "about 3 months ago"
    Why not check out the whois, then you could find out exactly when you registered the domain. .com, .net, .org, .info domain will be available for registration again on expiry date + 75 days. Other TLDs have different lifecycle.

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    It does show that it expired 3 months ago, just for some reason its still there.

    Record created on January 29, 2004
    Record last updated on January 26, 2006
    Record expires on January 29, 2008

    If I try to register it it says its already taken. I can't do any changes to it as its expired, but it shows up in my domain manager.

    So its almost like "half expired". It's kinda weird.

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    It could be in the process, of being sold on auctions and backorders auctions.. Like namejet, or godaddy's tdnam expired listings..

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    Oh yeah, I guess you could, info: google the domain name, and find out, if any of these sites are auctioning it.

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    Wow that kinda sucks then... Is that even legal?

    To me, it should just expire and anyone should have the right to it.

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