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    Kudos to Hyperspin (Server Monitoring Company)

    We have been using HyperSpin probably within the first few months they started business.

    When I had to sell the hosting part last year due to medical reasons, we gave control of our DNS servers we used for the clients to the new company so the customers would not experience very minimal downtime, if any.

    I needed to sign into the account and could not locate the password. And the old hosting domain's emails are not working. I got a couple of servers so I could host my sites and still maintained the account with them.

    I thought about contacting them but I was hoping to resolve the issue. Hyperspin actually contacted me here to ask if they could help with the problem.

    It is rare for people to post compliments about a company because most of us just expect it to be done. I was very pleased that they contacted me through a WHT PM - seeming to even remember me after so many years. And especially since my posts have dwindled unfortunately over the past year, makes it even better for me to know / realize the company still remembers me.

    So if anyone is looking for a company to help them with server monitoring, etc - consider HyperSpin.

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    Thanks for the compliments. It's a great pleasure working with you

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