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    A bit of help please?

    Hi, I am currently selling products on ebay and to save a bit of money as I am having a clearout before i move, i was thinking of putting a ecommerce solution on my website and sell some items on there. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best ecommerce script that has some or all of the following:
    • Order Management
    • Clear but nice layout and design
    • Coupon Codes
    • Can produce shipping notes, invoices etc
    • Mainly the script must be free

      Any advice would be appreciated,

      Thanks in advance!

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    Well, it's not free, but my clients and I really like SquirrelCart.

    I'm assuming if you're here, you're not afraid of mucking about behind the scenes of your site. If you've got cPanel, you probably also have Fantastico, which can help you install a couple different free shopping carts.
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    Thanks, ill have a look at that. Does anyone know if cubecart is any good?

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    Cube cart might worj for you. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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    does anyone know of any other good script?

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    Try Aspdotnetstorefront or Click Cart Pro

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    I recommend Aspdotnetstorefront.

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    Hi Planhunt,

    There are many great open source shopping carts available

    Have you looked at ZenCart, OSCommerce , or Ubercart ?

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    I've integrated both ZenCart and OSCommerce to clients without issue. Should suite your needs.


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