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    Knowhost Review and comments

    I am investigating about Knowhost and suggested the following questions and wonderful you reply it to get a feedback about them

    1- What do you think about Reseller price and services?
    2- What do you think about their customer support?
    3- What do you think about their downtime and speed?
    4- Did you tried Knowhost before? for how many years?
    5- Do you recommend it?

    Thanks alot!!

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    I can only answer some of your questions, but before I started working with the company who I work for now, I had a VPS thru KnownHost.

    1). Simply put, their customer support is great. Always availible, and go beyond the call of duty.

    2). When I was there the only things that went wrong was a router replacement and a harddrive failure, but they recovered the data and servers were back up within minutes.

    3). I was with them for less than 1 year.
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    2) No problems with their support. Have been very quick to help.
    3) I haven't had any issues. No serious outages and other outages I knew were coming.
    4) Yes. 1 year now.
    5) Yes. I have a VPS in the CA and TX datacenters and like both. - KnownHost VPS? Liquid Web VPS? See my personal experience with these hosts.
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