Would you like your new server configuring or do you have either a VPS or a dedicated server that you would like administering?

Initial server setup and hardening only $30 per server

  • Apply latest OS updates (and configure e-mail alert when further updates become available)
  • Configure a firewall allowing access to only the ports you require (iptables)
  • Disable any services from running that you do not require
  • Install 'denyhosts' (to block brute force SSH access attempts to your server)
  • Setup a non-root user for system access
  • Install and configure 'sudo' (to prevent having to login as root)
  • Disable root access via SSH
  • Configure time synchronization and correct timezone
  • Install a script for easy monitoring of network bandwidth used (vnstat)
  • Install performance monitor so you can see graphs of your cpu, disk, network, etc usage (munin)
  • Configure your /tmp folder to prevent scripts executing (a common area used by hackers)
  • Install log monitoring software that sends you a daily summary of important log activity (logwatch)

Server administration is charged at $30 per hour or, normally, a fixed price can be agreed upfront.

If you would like your server backing up to a secure location then please see here - http://sysadminman.net/backup.html - for details

Matt - sysadminman