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    * No more info on whois queries?!?!?

    Does anyone know why when you do a whois now mainly at godaddy you dont get any contact info or info on when the domain was registered.. I know it has been going on for a while but just now it is getting to me as this was one of the things I checked fishy orders and now can no longer get that info.. Is there a different whois I can query that will give me the info? anyone else notice this..

    sorry if it has already been gone over..

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    Check the WHOIS directly at GoDaddy:

    WHOIS Database Search

    ***Privacy Statement***

    Dear Customer,

    Please key in the password you see displayed to the right in order to obtain the information you requested from our WHOIS database.

    In order to protect the privacy of our customers, Go Daddy Software has implemented a process that prevents unscrupulous spammers from running scripts that acquire email addresses from our WHOIS service (which in accordance with ICANN policy must be made available to the public). The password you see is provided in graphic format and cannot be read by a script. Only humans can read it. By taking a moment to key in the password you are doing your part to eliminate SPAM.

    Thank you,
    Bob Parsons, President
    Go Daddy Software
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