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    Heart Internet

    I'm thinking about setting up a web hosting and domain re-seller account with Heart Internet ( Whilst I find it difficult to believe that they actually do offer "unlimited" webspace and bandwidth for 29.99 a month (plus VAT), I'm quite tempted!

    According to their website, they're "#1 Reseller Hosting, Webhost Directory Award Winner", and I've done a Google search on them and they've got very good feedback elsewhere.

    Has anyone here had any experience of using this company or thoughts on their re-seller account?

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    My advice is to stay away from unlimited space and transfer hosting - reseller or not. There is no such thing as unlimited disk space and you will never find unlimited transfer (maybe unmetered) but it's always going to be limited in some way, directly or not.

    Unlimited offers are not even *allowed* here on
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    It's overselling, but who cares, they place limits on the real bottlenecks in hosting today - CPU/RAM. They won't let you host files en-masse or use lots of bandwidth, because it's *almost* impossible to use a lot before breaking some CPU/RAM usage rule or it becoming filehosting.

    Still, I'd say find a host with real packages
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    There are no such thing as unlimited space and bandwidth.
    Everything has its limit.

    Besides, forbids this kind of offers.
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    Read the TOS. You're limited to 5% CPU usage, among other things designed to ensure they make a profit. Nothing unexpected after all, as all business requires profit to survive.

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    Unlimited Space is impossible, I always recommend to avoid any host offering it.

    Unless there charging unlimited money for it!
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    stay away from heart internet. you are actually restricted to 25gb storeage, read the ToS, the support is terrible, they list a phone number and will only take sales calls on it, all support must be logged via the ticket system. I had an incident where one month i missed payment, they locked me out and i couldnt raise a support ticket to try and resolve it, basically i needed to pay by direct debit and the only way to do it was access the cp, which they locked, tried to log a ticket but of course being locked out doesnt allow that and tickets can not be registered via email, and when i called they just told me to login and log a ticket.

    Had several issues before as well, which prompted myself and my then buisiness partner to make direct contact with the MD, very nice guy, but to this day i will never use them again.

    And one final point, recently i had a couple of doamins that were getting near ready for renewal that were hosted with them and i wanted to move them to my enom account, took them the best part of 2 days to just accept the trans out, also waiting for them to update the status of the domain to ok took 2 days as well.

    All in all, Heart Internet have wasted my time, their servers crash out all the time and forget support, you just plain wont get it

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    other things to add to my very honest review, the cost of 29.99 + vat is only if paying by UK Direct Debit, they add an extra 5 for paying by credit card, their doamins are actually quite expensive unless u fancy getting your domain credits in bulk of 100x per type, your best bet is to rent a vps or dedi server and also get a free $8.99 enom account, all of which can be found here on WHT. The best thing i ever did was move away from them and start running my own servers, at least if something breaks i know about it b4 my customers start calling and emailing looking answers. It was very embarassing when i had users call me asking y their site was down, and not even knowing that heart was down, and them not having reported it, and not getting an answer to a ticket for a few hours.

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    like the others above, stay away from these unlimited hosts! its a total con. 25GB is no way near unlimited! if the sales system can con you in, i bet the rest of the service is just as bad.

    Take a look in the reseller hosting offers section of these forums on
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    Jeay indeed, mostly it is on a fair use policy

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    I dont have a reseller account with them. But i find they servers are very poor at "rednering" if you like php pages. they tend to whitescreen on me like they are timing out. and a few weeks back i had ALOT of lag on the site and the database kept dropping off.

    I think they are resellers of another company

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    Unlimited space and bandwidth hey??

    Thats it, i'm selling all of my servers and will consolidate them into one Heart reseller account!
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    actually there must be some conditions that applies to the unlimited disk space.
    To my knowledge, you could have 750GB of disk space and decided to call it unlimited. I think this is comon.

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    I think to be honest, and by reflection and experience you get what you pay for...

    I have probably 100 or so sites with them, and there are regularly minor problems. However these are usually resolved quickly, support staff normally respond quickly (odd occasions they do not) and when asked (pushed) they will explain reasons for the errors and put procedures in place to prevent them happening again.

    Unlimited is a lie... but " fair use" is the best way to describe their services. I have only had one site down for too much cpu usage or traffic and this was because they appeared on the most popular show on morning tv and got quite a surge! However, i spoke to them, explained, and within hours it was back up, ran for a few months before the client expanded their offering and we moved them to a dedicated box to prevent these surge issues.

    When it comes to choosing a reseller... your never going to find something that is perfect, servers fail, disks fail, networks break - EXPECT IT where ever you go... And even if they start well, they usually get bought out and everything turns to crap (donhost for example).

    If you want bullet proof hosting... you'll have to pay for it, and pass on the costs to your customers... and even then i do not know a server that never fails!

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    everything costs money, so how can one get unlimited disk-space and bandwidth for a fraction of the cost. there are many ways a provider can stop users to use more than what they pay.
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    like i said "fair use" is basically what they are offering behind the false claims.
    But 90% of the websites in the world will be well below their limits... if they are bigger than this then look for a better service! If, the customers you are reselling to want to pay more, then they get more!

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