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    Sites not opening


    I have got dedicated server with hostgator . The problem is that..i hosted one demo site there... and that is opening on few computers sometimes and not on few computers..

    Like it was working fine for me yesterday morning and at night it was not working for me.. but working at other locations.

    now it was working for me and not at other locations...what can be the issue.

    Please help


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    Since Hostgator servers seem to be managed, why didn't you contact them regarding this issue, or if you have, what did they tell you?
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    They say they have corrected some DNS problem at their end.

    But if DNS problem was there.. how it was opening for some time.. and for sometime it was not


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    Not having much in the way of details what you detailed here COULD be related to a DNS issue, it can take a couple of days for propagation to get everywhere. Not uncommon for (ex) a dns change to hit some places before others.

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    What do you mean when you say "not opening"? That could mean anything. What error, if any do you get? - Host on Cloudrck
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    that means not resolving the domain.

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