I have just released my third eBook - Forum Cash.

What is inside this ebook?

Two techniques teaching you how to earn money from forums:

1) First technique teach you how to earn money by buying other people's services.

2) Second technique teach you how to earn $100 within 36 hours in forums without your own website, product and not even using affiliate marketing!

I have thrown in another technique that teach you how to build up a profitable site quickly and sell it off for $150 minimally!

What people say about Forum Cash

Its an simple 15 page report which explains 3 methods to make money from.The name "Forum Cash" because you will make most of the money from forums,dont worry this is not about selling signature or avatar space to make money. KC explained 3 proven methods and even included screenshot of his earnings.
As always you need to put some initial work to implement all these methods, although you can outsource major part of your work. KC explained all methods in a very reader-friendly and complete manner that even a certified moron can do. Fantastic report and well worth for $17 -- GetJimmy
Kc gave me the opportunity to review this under 20 pages long ebook. It's really well written and pretty simple for everyone to understand the 3 methods described here. Not also he reveals the methods but he also explains how to make them work in a very simple language. Two of methods are easy to implement and you can definitely make some cash out of this. The third method is probably no news for anybody but still really good. It requires a small investment and you can get good profit out of this, directly and indirectly. Combining this third method with the first and it's a quite easy to make decent cash out of this. The provide tips for this last method are really simple and easy to implement too. - Jarodboy

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Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding this product.

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