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    * Malware installation problem?

    Can this be interpreted as a malware (procede the following steps with caution).

    After visiting without me clickiing on anything and confirming that I want to Install a game, a new folder is created in my Windows Start Menu and in a Documents and Settings folder.

    Although I believe no harm is actually done with this installation, can attacker use this method to install a malware? How can I prevent this, what options should I change in my Firefox browser?

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    Yes, if the exe was packed/hooked with an UD/FUD exe containing malicious code... Then indeed you can be infected.

    However, I could not be for certain how secure miniclip could be and if they are linking there games to remote sources?

    Who is to say they don't get a game uploaded with an additional " applet " turns out to be a rootkit - FUD and allows botnet masters/kids to run a fair amount of spam relays?

    Know what you download. I wouldn't be allowing some " flash game " to install an prog on my windoze box.

    No virii for me for the past 6+ years. I know what I download and where it comes from.
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    I suggest you to do a scan if you have the slightest fear of getting infected.

    Prevention is always better than cure
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    Thank you both for answering. I did scan my computer and no problems were detected.
    I did not gave permission to install anything. I even removed installed files and went to the webpage again. Just loading the page (not clicking on absolutely anything) was enough for new files to be copied on my computer again.

    What I'm really concerned is that some other malicious page do the same but does not leave obvious traces like Miniclip did. I did not explicitely downloaded any files yet they were installed in folder outside Flash folders.

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