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    Media Temple and hosting help

    They really have an ideal plan for me with their grid service. But I wanted any recent customer views on them, before I make my mind up about going with them for hosting.

    Also if you don't think Media Temple is good can you provide someone who is?

    I have been reading this forum all night now. And I'm just clueless still as to who would be good enough to go with. I don't want to make a wrong decision. I would prefer something with 10Gb or over not fussed on the cpanel or bandwidth as long as they have good support and are efficient. Also my budget is around the $20-$25 bracket.

    Thank you for anyone who responds .

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    From what I know, if your site uses a database and doesn't generate pages statically, you might end up being slow. A forum will probably take some time to load depending on how many users you have. Search these forums for reviews of them, there have been a few posted.
    High Bandwidth Servers
    Custom Hosting Solutions

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    Oh ok I'll browse

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    Just search on the company names on the board. You'll find a wealth of information.

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    Karl has given you great suggestion. And try to read some articleds here about methods how to compare companies.
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    In a search through the boards I came across this website:

    I have been looking for reviews on them through google etc but I have only found:

    And they seem to host a lot of Warez stuff.

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any encounters with them if not I'll go with them and test them out based on those reviews above.

    Sorry I have asked again.

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