BitPath Networks, LLC is a provider of professional VPS services dedicated to bringing you high quality services and excellent support.

We have made some significant plan changes over the past few days and are sure you will find something to fit your needs!

Here are the packages:

Package: VZ-512 - $29.95
RAM: 512MB/768MB
Disk: 20GB
Transfer: 200GB
IPs: 2

Package: VZ-768 - $49.95
RAM: 768MB/1152MB
Disk: 30GB
Transfer: 300GB

Package: VZ-1024 - $69.95
RAM: 1024MB/1536MB
Disk: 40GB
Transfer: 400GB
IPs: 2

DirectAdmin Control Panel - $5.00/Month
Plesk 100 Domains w/ Power Pack - $6.50/Month
cPanel w/ Fantastico - $10.00/Month

All of these packages are run on multi-core servers with Hardware RAID and a minimum of 8GB of RAM utilizing the Virtuozzo 4.0 platform which guarantees your share of RAM, Disk I/O, and CPU power.

Our servers are centrally located in the Colo4Dallas facility in Dallas, TX and use a blend of InterNap, Level3, and Time Warner controlled by an InterNap FCP.

Test IP:
Test File:

Once again, if you have any questions feel free to PM me or to send an email to sales @