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    Patching a file in linux

    im working on this pppoe thing and im folling the directions
    Only necessary if you are going to use PPPoE!
    Now, go to the kernel directory.
    cd /usr/src/linuxUnzip the patch:
    gzip -d br2684-against2.4.2.diff.gzApply the patch:
    patch -p1 -s -E < /path/to/br2684-against2.4.2.diffReady.

    when i run this, it asks me what file i want to patch.... directions doesnt say what to patch so im lost? what file am I patching?

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    Looks like a kernel patch.

    You'll need to download the source for the kernel, if you don't have it installed, and apply the patch. The patch should have some lines in it indicating what files it will patch. These lines will help you to determine what directory you want to be in when running the patch command.
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