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    Not looking good for universal hosts...

    This is just to share my experience, take it or leave it as you will.

    Firstly, i had an issue with gaining the details of the box after payment was made, it was initially said that the box will take 24-72hrs to become available, and if paying by echeque, the box will provisioned but the details will not be given until payment has cleared.

    I ordered my box on the 29/3/08 and on clearance on the 2nd of april. I did not recieve my details then. I had to wait till the 6th of april to recieve them. I however just ignored this, as these things will happen.

    Yesterday i recieved this email from univeral hosts

    "You are receiving this email because your server has been displaying an odd pattern of outbound traffic, or a level of usage that will far exceed your allocation.

    Please remedy this issue ASAP, as not to receive, or to minimize if received, an invoice for bandwidth overusage for the month.

    Universal Hosts may find it necessary to put a cap on your server in the meantime, in order to maintain service levels for other clientele.

    Please respond once the issue is remedied/resolved. "

    I replied with the following, all which is completely true:

    " I do not know why itd be assumed that i have gone over or am going over my bandwidth restrictions,

    I recieved the box on the 6th of april.

    Currently i have used the following bandwidth:


    from my box's stats.

    The server i ordered has 2000gb bandwidth.

    this is currently the 16th day the box has been in operation, and as such i am well under, because i should have not exceeded 1000gb bandwidth, and i am 300gb under.

    I am well in my right to use the bandwidth and the speed that was given to me.


    I find that regardlessly, they have capped my box.

    They did not reply to my email, and i have now sent them another.

    This is getting frustrating.

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    It actually sounds like:

    1) They ordered your server after your echeque cleared. I would have done the same.

    2) They were trying to be proactive and not have you have surprises with an overage. That is a good thing. Perhaps they saw you bursting very high and wanted to warn you. Honestly, most customers like this.

    3) If they did cap you however that seems wrong.
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    well like i said, i wasnt too upset about the delay in recieving the details, however i expect if a company rep says one thing, then they back it up, i cancelled my server with my other company in a way that would provide a smooth transition for myself, instead i was left with a few days wihtout a box, and had an extra stress of having to set it up completely immediately when it did arrive, sinc ei acted in reliance of their reps statement.

    As for the 2nd, i do not mind that they emailed me if they were concerned, but they did infact impose a cap, and i am now being forced to wait for it to be removed.

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    How exactly do you think they capped you?

    Also, did you ask how much outbound traffic you have? - Host on Cloudrck
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    capped as in, before it sent at 10MB/sec and now its sending at 600kb/s

    and i have 2tb worth of bw

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    You may have 2TB worth of bandwidth. But is that 2TB outbound/inbound, or 1TB Outbound & 1TB Inbound? - Host on Cloudrck
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    it sounds to me like they're just giving you a heads up. if you've used >50% of your bandwidth (600gb out of 1TB outbound, it sounds like?) in <50% of the month, you could be at risk for overages. i for one would appreciate that warning as opposed to an end of the month bill?

    disclaimer: i'm also with on a box, and i'm fairly pleased with their support so far. the hardware/network is okay, but a super value.

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    universal hosts.. whats their domain? Just want to see if I am thinking of the same company

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    If he's in the BurstNET DC. Than you will get 1TB outbound & 1TB inbound with a 2TB plan. - Host on Cloudrck
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    It is our responsibility to notify a customer of any alerts about a server we receive from Burst. The issue is still pending resolution with Burst.
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    Universal Hosts takes quite long time to setup when your order, it makes me frustrated, which makes me think they're fake at the first time. However their support is good, I'm pleased with all answers they made and they answered it at acceptable time frame. Perhaps if they can be more responsive a little bit it will be great.

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    Agreed witht he above, that if you're at Burst.Net it's 2TB total, 1TB in 1TB out. Also, that notification seems to be reasonable, if Universal Hosts received a notification from Burst.Net (which I bet they did), they are to forward it to their customer. That's a really good plus.

    As to caping your server, I don't think they should have if you're still under the bandwidth usage, and if you're saying they capped you at 5mbps(600kbytes/sec), that doesn't make a lot of sense, are you sure it isn't some kind of network issue or a firewall of some kind?

    Best regards,

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    What exactly is your outbound traffic? Just wondering what they mean by "odd pattern".

    Looks like a heads up, and a way to protect you from overages. If you don't mind paying for bandwidth usage and want the old speed back, shoot them a mail.

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