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    newbie...what is the best Credit Card site should i use for accepting client's C.Cs ?

    Hi Guys..

    i'm a newbie in this filed...and i was very delighted when i saw this incredible site ...

    well, i'm asking for the best site i should use to accept Credit Cards payments online ?

    and prefer that it's not specialised in WebHosting biz.
    meaning that i can also use it for other stuff like providing services and products....

    also it's heightly preferred to be customized , like putting my own logo in it's secure pages..

    thanx alot and i really hope to get your replies as soon as possible.


    P.S. please forget about PayPal...

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    I would highly recommend - they've got a new control panel coming out tomorrow so you should hear some great things 24 hours form now.

    Others will also recommend and Out of the two, 2Checkout will be a little easier to setup, but the level of service I received was somewhat poor

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    I'd recommend

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    You have two options here. One is what is called a third-party processor, and HostCharge and 2checkout are two well-known examples of them. WorldPay is another. These are good choices especially for those just starting out or not doing overwhelmining amounts of business. Shop around for your needs, and consider prices, accepted currency (if you sell overseas this will probably be important), and intervals of payment (some processors will be cheaper but hold your money longer -- works well for some businesses and not for others). With third party merchants you do not see or hold credit card information.

    The other option is to become a merchant. This can be a cheaper choice for those doing at least a moderate amount of business, and I personally think it allows much greater control. (If you aren't doing a lot of business, the third-party option is probably cheaper). As a merchant, you take credit card information, research it yourself, and charge at will. One merchant is Echo Clearinghouse (, which I recommend as a good and low-cost company. If you are doing absolutely incredible amounts of business, other options will be cheaper, but for a moderate business, this one is a really good deal.

    Many merchants also offer PayPal as a side option. I don't know why, but some people prefer to pay that way. But I wouldn't use it as your main option.

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    Well after looking at all the options out there I think that a real merchant account is best.
    Most resellers are currently offering something like this:

    $0-$100 Setup
    % 2.15-2.35
    Per Authorization Fee $0.20-$0.31
    $10 gateway fee
    $10 statement fee
    $25 monthly minimum
    *careful of hidden charges: $5-100

    Since a lot of the dealers are currently offering free setup as opposed to $50 from 2checkout or Revecom you'll realize that a real merchant account is in most instances better.

    Example calculations:
    $100 = 10 items @ $10 each

    $100 - (100x0.055) - (10x0.49)= $89.60
    $100 - (100x0.0395) - (10x1.00) = $86.05
    Wells Fargo
    $100 - $29 - (100x0.0235) - (10x0.31) = $65.65

    $200 = 20 items @ $10 each
    2 $180.20
    R $172.10
    W $160.30

    $300 = 30 items @ $10 each
    2 $268.80
    R $258.15
    W $255.00

    You can see that at $300 the merchant account starts leveling out with the others. In this case I used Wells Fargo, which may be a more expensive option than other resellers, because they have a simple $29 monthly rate (no real hidden fees except that AmEx, Discover + $0.30 per transaction) . I talked to a salesrep at who was adamit that I pay $195 for a virtual terminal purchase, which I did not need .

    Also, I used a fairly large package (compared to your avg. WHT host) @ $10 dollars if you lower that to $5:
    $300 = 60 items @ $5 each
    2 $254.10
    R $228.15
    W $246.00

    Either way you said you wanted a certain level of customization which most of the 3rd party CC don't really offer like your business name on the Credit Card Bill and custom order forms.

    Good Luck with your new venture!

    p.s. If any errors with calculations please post, I am currently using these calculations to justify my decision to go with Wells Fargo.

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    We've been working with for almost a year, and quite happy with their services.

    They are very reasonable in charges.

    - One Time setup fee: US$ 49.00
    ( Once you applied for their services, there's a one time setup fee of US$ 49.00 and no monthly charges. )

    - Discount rate: %3.95 ( will diduct %3.95 of each sales that has been made thru their services. That means US$ 3.95 will be diducted for each US$ 100.00 )

    - Transaction fee: US$ 1.00 ( They will charge US$ 1.00 per each captured transaction )

    My vote goes to them. Hope my suggestion will help you.

    Have a great day!
    Amir Golestan
    Executive Director | Micfo
    delivering the divine hosting experience™ | AS53889

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    We've been using revecom for about 9mths with hardly a problem. They always pay ontime. It costs about 10% of your revenue and they hold back another 5% for 6mths for chargebacks. Their control panel is good. Their fraud prevention is good. I have our account set to a minimum balance and each sunday that amount is usually met, then the funds that were cleared in the account on the Sunday, get wired into my Australian account on the Thursday. Works like a charm. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    Revecom has worked out great for me as well. Support is excellent (responses within 1-2 hours) and I really liked their integration options.

    I am new with them, but so far it looks like it will be an excellent solution for us.

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    Another vote for from us.

    Nothing but excellent. Prompt payments and good support.


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    One of our users uses intellipay.
    -Mark Adams - Secure Michigan web hosting for your business.
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    We use , they've been really great every step of the way. Awesome support.

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