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    Question (Hiring) Junior - Mid Web Developer


    I am looking for an individual or company with access to available staff for small web production and development jobs. The work is more per job than project as each will only take one to several hours to complete.

    Ideally you are in a close timezone (australia) or like to work late hours from home where you live. This postion will really suite a freelancer who takes what they can get. A contact available on MSN or Skype daily and can pretty much take on a task when it comes through would be great.


    - HTML (Tables, embeded styles etc).
    - Basic Javascript
    - Basic PHP
    - Basic XHTML and CSS
    - English speaking


    - Code PSD templates into functional web sites.
    - Create HTML newsletter templates from PSD or fireworks PNG files.
    - Modify existing code to update web sites.
    - Create contact form scripts and apply basic security measures.

    You should have several income streams already and looking to build yourself further.

    Pay rate is from $15 per hour (yes paid hourly) or we negotiate a per job price for larger tasks.

    Designs you will be coding will look very similar to anything you can find at the campaign monitor gallery (google it). There are several local staff so there is help if you need it, but we really need someone who does not need anyone to hold their hand

    There is likely to be several to a dozen job per week.

    email [email protected]

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    i am interested - email sent
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    Position filled. Thanks all, found some good freelancers.

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