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    Details about the website hosted on server, right IP

    It may happen that in shared hosting our site will be hosted with any black listed website. Then how would we know where the web host has hosted our website? Can they provide us information about how our website is hosted, like what others are hosted on it, are there any black listed or not, is there enough space between all?

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    hello sjtalk9,

    What exactly do you mean by blacklisted ? are you talking about Websites, Mail, or IP Ranges or something else?

    If its mail, you could check several engines on the internet to see if your IP (the one your website is running on) is black listed.

    If you are worried about websites being black listed, and that your will be listed as well, then it is good to know that most of these filters work on domain-names and not on IP addresses like with mail-blacklists.

    You also could choose a host which is not hosting any controversial websites and make the risk that your site is affected by a black list smaller.

    But in general i do not believe you need to worry to much, unless you go for a known spam endorsing provider.

    Hope this helps you. Take care.
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