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Free Setup and Free ManageIT Pro Security Package ($99/mo value)

For a limited time only, we have a select number of servers that we are offering free setup on with a very low month hosting fee. We are also including in this special our famous ManageIT Pro Package which usually costs $99 per monthas well as a free premium monitoring service on this special one time deal. Premium monitoring means that if your server does not respond to our monitoring system, an emergency ticket will be opened up for you automatically and our data center technicians will bring your server up and get it online. This is a 24x7 monitoring service with are world famous support times which currently only take an average of 38 seconds to get a live response from our technicians!!

The ManageIT Pro package includes the following:

* 2 Hours of System Administration Services on top of the following:

* SecureTMP if applicable
* Switch to PureFTP if applicable
* Disable Anonymous FTP
* Exim Dict. Attack ACL
* Exim Extended Logging
* Disable Services anacron, rpcimapd, nfslock, cups
* Disable DNS recursion
* Logwatch set to High
* Secure /dev/shm noexec,nosuid
* Limit Mail Per hour
* Cpanel Pro
* Mod Security
* SSH user
* SSH hardening
* Chkrootkit & Cron
* RKHunter & Cron
* Recompile Apache/PHP w/PHPSuexec and extras
* Secure PHP w/ disable_functions and enable_dl
* Mod Evasive
* Nobody Check Scan
* CS MailQueue
* CS Mail Manage
* Replace :blackhole: with :fail:
* MailQueue Monitor Script
* Install Systat/SAR
* mytop
* htop
* Zend Optimizer
* Ioncube Loader
* Cpanel MRTG
* Logcheck
* Snort
* Tripwire
* Disable Core File creations
* Install Systat/SAR

This packages goes a long way toward getting your server secure and ready for action. And with the new CSF firewall which is fully integrated into WHM, you have a security checklist to help you keep on top of things.

The ManageIT Pro security package is added to our already famous support which you will receive 24x7. Are you tired of submitting support tickets and then waiting for hours or even days to get a reply on your ticket? Atjeu Hosting boasts some of the fastest tech support response time in the industry! You can see our real time ticket answer time posted on our home page at This is how long it takes a live person to answer your ticket. Currently it is:

Server Down/Emergency 0 min 38 sec!
Regular support 1 min 45 sec!

This means that if your server is down, you will have an Atjeu certified, US based technician plugged into the server and looking at why it is down in a matter of minutes. Literally!! We find that fast support is better than using a remote rebooter where you are blindly rebooting your server without knowing the reason it is down. If you have a failing drive or power supply it is good to be able to deal with that as soon as possible rather than continuing to reboot automatically.

We have a limited quantity of these servers so get them while you can. You can place an order at the link below the server specs and I will update this post when they are all gone.

Core2Quad Q9300 (New!!!)
2 gig DDR 2 Ram
2x320gig Sata Hard Drives
2000gb of bandwidth
5 ip's
ManageIT Pro
Premium Monitoring on 1 Port
Free Setup and $249 per month
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Use the Coupon Code PM42108 for the Free ManageIT Pro

Atjeu Hosting is a full service hosting company that is well known for our high level of service and support. You can read the good press that we have on WHT to see for yourself or go to our testimonials page.

Here is a few highlights of why hosting with Atjeu makes good business sense for your company:

=> We have been in business for over 10 years and we are still growing strong.

=> We have our own data center located in natural disaster free Phoenix Arizona with our own staff working our help desk 24x7.

=> Our data center has state of the art Juniper routers and HP Gigabit switches and is 100% fiber optic

=> We have 60+ tons of automatic redundant Liebert HVAC (climate control) for maximum server reliability

=> We have redundant power backup including PowerWare UPS and a half MegaWatt Detroit Diesel powered generator system with an automatic transfer panel

=> Solid network uptime measured at 99.97%

=> Atjeu has redundant Sonet ring transport fiber from multiple telco's. These rings have a minimum capability for at least 6 OC-192s each. See our network map.

=> Insanely fast response times to open tickets. Real-time 30 day average Live Ticket answer time of 1 min 35 sec for Server Down/Emergency and 3 min 54 sec for regular support tickets! This is how fast it takes a live tech to respond to your open ticket. This is not an auto response.

=> Knowledgeable technical support staff available 24x7 to help you when you need it.

=> Direct Data Center phone line for emergencies

=> 100Mbps dedicated switch port for each of your servers

If you have any questions or want to talk to a live sales person, feel free to PM us or you can reach us via IM at the following:

AIM- atjeusales
ICQ- 226935337
Yahoo- atjeuhosting
MSN- [email protected]