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    Lightbulb Starting a company tips & tricks

    Is there anywhere some quality step by step guide for starting your own company (US or European based). One site that seems OK is ukincorp. co. uk but I don't know should I trust them. I read that starting a US ocmpany would be a problem as I'm from Europe. I got the feeling that even though I'm not in UK, I am allowed to start a company in UK. Correct? What are the things I should be careful about? At the beginning it will have no traffic, but at later time I'll hire an accountant. Do I need a lawyer too?
    I'd apreciate if someone from UK (or US, or any other EUROPEAN country that allows foreigns to start business in their country) would comment on this and point out the biggest pros and cons.

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    The most crucial piece of advise that I can give you is to develop a niche and a market for your product/service. In other words, you need to get your company out there, target a specific group of individuals, and cater to their needs.

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    If you manage to spread your ideas and make them become viral you will most definitely benefit from your business...

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    Hi again.

    OK, the products and services are the most important part of the whole story, I agree on that with you both. BUT, I believe beside having a good product, having a incorporated business is a "must have".

    I'll put it in another words: lets suppose I have a great product. I think customers will trust me more if I run a incorporated company rather then acting as an individual. That is the reason why I asked the question. Actualy, I'm developing product of mine "as we speak", but before presenting them to the public, I'd like to start a formal business (LLC or something).

    BTW, off topic, both comments sounded a bit like an inspiration quotes.

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    You can start a UK company as a non-resident. In fact, I believe this is an EU requirement that non-citizens can start companies without a local partner. I believe Bulgaria had to change their company formation laws regarding this in order to join the EU.

    You can also start a company in the US as a non-resident. Company formation is done at the state-level, and generally it's said that Delaware and Nevada have the easiest regulations.

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    Thank you for your comment. As for UK, I've found and it seems that is the official page for company incorporation. Do you happen to know any page with OFFICIAL information about incorporation in Delaware and Nevada?

    One more thing, using simplified words, how difficult is to incorporate a business not making any traffic in lets say first 6 months? I've seen lots of websites offering incorporation services on my behalf but I'm unsure should I use one of those or are they a scam sites. If someone knows for a fact that some website offers a quality service regarding incorporation of new companies, I'd appreciate the link (preferably Europe, but US is also OK if it is allowed).

    One last question, what are reasonable prices for the act of incorporation and yearly administrative fees? Is it 10 euro/usd, 100 euro/usd, 1000 euro/usd?
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