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    Switching Primary DNS

    I got a new server and need to move my primary and secondary DNS. I use cpanel.

    My idea was too:
    1. Shut off my secondary DNS ns2. on my old server. (which I don't know how to do.) I was able to delete it from the nameserver Ip's link in whm. It deleted it but the server still has the IP assigned to it.
    2. Set up my secondary dns on the new server. (cpanel wont let me because it says it already exists so I'm kind of stuck on this one too.)
    3. Once the secondary is set up go to my registar and change the IP address.

    4. move the sites, and turn off the primary ns server forcing everything to go to the new server or secondary dns.

    5. move the primary..

    Can anyone help me because I can't seem to figure out to shut off my secondary DNS server?

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    host lookups rarely look to the 'server' first, they look to the registrar.

    Make sure you've updated the dns @ your registrar as you need for your DNS settings. Depending on your registrar, they could be in multiple locations, it really just depends on where you're at. I know with namecheap, it is called 'nameserver registration', in the individual domain itself.

    Make sure everything matches the settings you want them to match
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    Yea. I changed the IP with my registar. It'll probably take a little time but I'll give that a shot. thanks.!

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