Ladies and Gentlemen, DD34 is proud to announce a 100% discount on all our hosting packages when you pay monthly.

You can register now at our website and receive 1 whole months hosting for free, no payment necessary. (Your first month).

We are like what pick n mix should be, Try before you buy! (but then the horrible kids from down the road ruined it for everyone else.)

We have one rule per client, if you abuse it, you loose it so make sure you read our terms of service.

So what does this offer mean?:

You will receive a 100% discount on your first payment (monthly only). (Excludes domain registrations and transfers)

After that month is over you can decided to stay with us or dump us. You will receive an invoice 14 days before the month is up, and you will then have 15 days to decide (we give 1 day payment grace.)

Just enter ONEFREEMONTHAPR when prompted at checkout.

Our servers can be found in BlueSquare, Maidenhead.

Our NEW! Hosting Plans:
(as of last week when we reviewed them)


200 MB Web space
5 GB Bandwidth
50 Sub-Domains
10 MySQL Databases
30 Email Accounts
30 FTP Accounts

12.00 Per Year


400 MB Web space
11 GB Bandwidth
200 Sub-Domains
100 MySQL Databases
100 Email Accounts
100 FTP Accounts

2.00 Per Month
24.00 Per Year


600 MB Web space
18 GB Bandwidth
500 Sub-Domains
200 MySQL Databases
300 Email Accounts
300 FTP Accounts

3.00 Per Month
33.00 Per Year


800 MB Web space
26 GB Bandwidth
1000 Sub-Domains
500 MySQL Databases
600 Email Accounts
500 FTP Accounts

4.00 Per Month
40.00 Per Year


1000 MB Web space
35 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Sub-Domains
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts

5.00 Per Month
45.00 Per Year

General Features:

Unlimited Domains in your Control Panel
HTML Support
PHP 4.4.8 and 5.2.5
FrontPage Extensions
MySQL 5.0.45 Community
Catch-All Email Addresses
SpamAssassin Spam Filter
IMAP Support
cPanel Control Panel
MIME Editor
Online File Manager
File Manager with Compress and Extract Feature
Site Statistics
Custom Error Pages
Secure Web Folders
WAP Support
Add and Remove Directory Listing
Accurate Uptime Records
Uptime Guarantee for Each Plan