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    How do you find your host?

    Hey everyone
    I was wondering how you guys go about finding a host?
    Where do you do your research?
    What forums do you use?
    What else do you do in your process before finding a web host?
    Do you subscribe to newsletters or web host magazines?

    Thanks...Let me know!
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    I highly recommend that you run the co. name through google also. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    mostly I select some hosts which come on my path then i google them , and see what i will find about these hosts , that will lead to forum like this one
    and is exactly how i came here , then i read negatif reports about a host i was considering , then I start selecting different hosts and do the same thing the host which is received reviewed most positive i put on my list ,etc.etc.

    at the moment i made a list for vps hosting which im searching

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    You'll be very hard pressed to find a host with only positives. Some customers can just be completely irrational.
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    Well i meditate for hours praying to the bunny lord and than when i get the vision of the host to choose, i just go ahead and choose it.

    You should try it works out real good.

    Subscribing to newsletter to get hosting is the worst approach !!

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    Get a list, talk to them, and go from there. Foolproof
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    WElcome to WHT. I would suggest you to spend some time in Wiki section. Before sign up with web host you can register your domain name. I would suggest you to choose one that best describes your business. Domain is your web address... so it should be good one.
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    it seems on line ;)

    I found Downtownhost here, Westhost at, both excellent; godaddy at godaddy (it works for me) I cannot remember where I found the others
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    A friend reccomended frist host and I went to it withotu any questions. Well, it worked very nice and I still reccomend them.
    The next host was found after looking at WHT, asking support (there were 2 candidates). Finally, I have chosen one and am happy with them.

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    Well I just started searching for Web Host and Web host reviews, etc. Found many hosts and many "user reviews" most of which were just so good or so wildly bad that I didn't know what to think. I finally found the one piece of sanity out there that is WHT. As far as I have been able to tell the "user reviews" here really are user reviews but I also like that these forums are a "neutral ground" of sorts that allows the hosts to come post as well.

    This helps when you get a "X host sucks because Y happened!!!11!!" review because you can sometimes get to see the other side of the story and realize it was a problem caused by the user and not the host. I definitely learned quite a few things when I found this place including to avoid all the hosts I had previously had on my list when I got here. (overselling revealed )

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    WHT is the only place (I know of) where you get decent reviews (I don't like those host review sites)

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    I come here, look at hosts other people use or offer (based on posts and signatures), look them up, see if their prices are reasonable enough for me, check to see if they have the features I require, and ask their customers questions. Sometimes I'll go on their online chat early in the morning to find out if they are available any time. Support is a big one for me.

    Downtownhost is great. :-D

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    1) Browse the web hosting offers forum.

    2) Make a list of web hosts I'm interested in.

    3) Click the magical hidden button and search Google for reviews.

    4) E-mail each web host a list of 18 common and bizarre pre-sales questions. One of my favorite questions is, "Who are your three closest competitors and how do you differ from them?". It's amazing how many web hosts will and will not answer that question.

    5) Ask myself, WWRD?

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    1. Go to WHT offer and contact their sales to find how they respond.
    2. Ask for test IP to test how reliable their connection is.
    3. Check their website whether they have phone/live chat/helpdesk support.
    4. Compare prices, network speed and reliability, disk space, bandwidth, features on the offers.

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    Another place is
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    WHT is a good way to start.
    just don't be too lazy to do the will help staying away from trouble.

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    I chose my hosts by how fast they respond to support tickets etc... also I like to go for smaller hosts that way since the dont have a large client base they treat you more personaly compared to the big ones where you are treated as a number.

    I tend to stay away from brand new companies but I have tried a few and they have been ace they go out of there way to help you again unlike the big ones


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