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    Thumbs down - avoid like the plague!

    I thought I should share with everyone my terrible experience with 123-Reg's dedicated servers.

    I'd had one of their Linux servers for about 2 years when it suddenly stopped responding. I emailed their support team (there is no telephone support for dedicated server customers for some reason) who responded saying that the hard drive had failed and that they'd assign a new server to our account and copy over the data (if still readable) asap.

    After a few days they responded again to my original support ticket explaining that they were unable to assign a new server to my account and that I'd have to go through the order process again. I did this and waited for them to try and copy the data over; the only response to this was that they'd "request that a technician connect the old hard drive to the new server", and the support ticket status was updated to "solved", despite the fact that it clearly wasn't.

    Days turned into weeks and not a single byte of data had been copied across. I opened yet another support ticket asking when they would do this, and this is the response I got:

    "You will need to login as Administrator and copy files across. If you want us to copy certain files, we need to know what directories you want copied and there will be a charge of 100+VAT."

    That's right, 117.50 for them to restore our data despite it being COMPLETELY THEIR FAULT that the server had gone offline. I could possibly understand the charge if somehow I'd managed to cause the hard drive failure but obviously this was not the case. I seriously have no idea how they expect to be able to justify this charge.

    So you might be thinking, "why not just login as administrator and copy it across yourself?" Good question - unfortunately they only give administrator or root access to customers who request it via their control panel, and those who do request root access subsequently forfeit any software updating/patching/configuration or technical support. In other words, I had to sacrifice all this if I wanted my data back, which was not an acceptable course of action for me as I am in no way a qualified server administrator. One of the reasons I went with 123-Reg in the first place is that they promised from the outset to take care of all server maintenance for me.

    As I'm typing this, the server (and consequently all sites on it) has been offline for over a month and I have come to the conclusion that 123 are utterly incompetent server providers. I'm going to cancel my account immediately and take my business elsewhere, and assure people that staying well away from this company will be the best decision you ever make.

    Has anyone else had any bad experiences with 123-Reg?

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    I've had a few unfortunate instances with them regarding customer's domains etc.

    It took me a long time to even find any telephone number for them and even just visiting their site again I couldn't find it quickly so gave up.

    Trying to get a hold of a live person can be time consuming.

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    I have some domains with them, easily the worst designed control panel :p

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    Same old story with 123 reg. I am amazed they are still in business. I wish I had read the reviews before diving in and getting one of their so call dedicated servers.
    Here is my story and it will probably be a never ending one at that. Firstly let me start by saying this was not my first dedicated server; I have had a few over the last 5 years and have become proficient at managing a Linux server. I purchased a server from 123-reg after reading their advertising pages the spec looked ok and so did the price.

    Firstly they say:
    Instant activation
    As soon as we have processed your order your dedicated server will be ready for you to use, it’s as simple as that!
    You don’t have to wait for us to order a server to be delivered, build the server or upload any programs or applications, as we always make sure we have hardware ready and waiting to be deployed
    IT was 2 days and several emails to finally get the server.
    The control panel is absolutely diabolical, the worst I have ever seen, Sure it allows you to create hosting accounts and email accounts but very little else. I honestly almost fell about laughing, and then I remembered I had paid for this load of rubbish. I was going to cancel it straight away but I decided against this because I have the experience to install another control myself.
    I had to opt for root access in order to install webmin. Now if you opt for root access you loose a patching and update service and technical support.
    This is what they say:
    Root access
    Root access to your server can be arranged for your dedicated server hosting account. Root access gives you total control over all aspects of your dedicated server including the security and maintenance of your server.
    Please note that if you opt for root access, we will subsequently be unable to provide a patching and update service or offer any technical support. You would therefore need to be solely responsible for the security and maintenance of your server.
    Opting for root access was the only way I could install a decent control panel such as webmin and perform other tasks on the server. So I opted for root access.
    Now here is where my absolute anger set in. I quickly discovered after Installing webmin that I did not have any access as root to basic things such as the mail server setting, ftp or virtual host settings. At first I could not work out what was going on, and then it hit me. 123serve dedicated servers are actually not dedicated servers but are In fact aVPS Incarnation with limited access. And not as they say: “Root access gives you total control over all aspects of your dedicated server including the security and maintenance of your server”
    To cut a long story short I cancelled and demanded a refund the day after I got the server.
    6 emails, no replies and nobody to answer the phone.
    They completely misrepresent their server offering in their advertising. As one person said earlier, avoid them like the plague. They are a Joke.

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