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    Post where can i read about trends in 2008 for best selling e-commerce products?

    where can i read about trends in 2008 for best selling e-commerce products?

    its virtually impossible to get any insight about this from the few searches i've done on google. i'm wondering if anyone can point me to a e-commerce forum other than this one or even just other webpages that can be trusted (not trying to sell you something but information) on the best selling products.

    thank you

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    WHT, where else?
    try where you can get extensive search done. I found a niche market by doing searches on their website. If you are interested, I am willing to sell my account to you at a lower price. I stil have about 10-month subscription. - FFMPEG, PHP & RoR Hosting - R/C videos sharing

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    if a product that sells really well existed then the person would be selling it themselves and not just giving the idea away to others about it for free on a website. you have to come up with your own ideas for products!

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    I agree that figuring out what products are going to sell is the hard part of online selling.

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    i'm so glad i found your post. I'm also looking for the same topic. How do you find the site?Is it effective?i mean it's content. Hope you can give the best one for both of us.thanks.

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    Can someone please write a business plan for me on how to make a million dollars using the internet? I am lazy and don't want to do any research or work myself.


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