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    Windows Hosting - Reliable Providers

    I am in need of a reliable windows hosting provider. I am currently hosting with but would like to have another provider as well as a backup. I am a reseller so the service is important to me and I cannot have server downtime.

    I do not have much knowledge in servers hence Im looking for a shared plan. I need the following:

    1. User friend control panel - helm, plesk
    2. Unbranded webmail -
    3. A minimum of 100 domains should be hosted with emails for each domain.
    4. Spam protection for email
    5. Access database and ASP support

    A provider with a backup and restore service would be ideal.

    Budget - Max US$15 per month

    Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glocon View Post
    A provider with a backup and restore service would be ideal.
    Do you mean the data backup/restore?

    What are your disk space/bandwidth requirements?

    Most of the hosting providers support all the features that you require. Check out the Offers Section to get some good deals. Be sure to check the reviews of the hosts that you shortlist.

    Good luck!
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    I would like a provider with whom I can backup all my data including emails addresses etc and the restore in the event of a server crash. I had this feature when I had a VPS from Godaddy where I had a FTP backup. I could recall data from this backup.

    I've seen all the offers but Id like some recommendations.

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    Are you planning to resell hosting or just have a shared plan?
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    we develop websites and provide email services. we dont really sell hosting but need it for our website customrs

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    You should be careful with that, as many host's don't allow you to use the space other than for yourself. Your best bet would be to look for a reseller account.
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    thanks for that tip. What hosting providers would you recommend?

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    With this budget you could go for a personal hosting package that offer you unlimited domains hosting.

    I would suggest you
    They have a very nice win package and a very good support from my point of view.

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