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    Custom Kernels $10

    Special offer, first 5 customers get 1 custom kernel for free

    * Limit one per company

    Quality Assurance:

    All orders are completed within 24 hours unless otherwise stated.

    Payment is not collected until the job is completed to your satisfaction.

    Bulk Rates

    2-4 9$ each

    5-10 $8 each

    10+ $7 each

    Why use a custom kernel?

    New features and performance:

    The new CSF scheduler outperforms the old legacy scheduler in older kernels

    Group scheduling


    Remove unneeded modules from the kernel.

    Special Requests Available:

    tickless kernel
    grsec kernel


    Able to append your company name or whatever you want to kernel version information

    Supported OS:

    32bit and 64bit
    Centos 4x , 5x
    RHEL 4x, 5x

    Other Request:

    Contact me if you need a custom request or you need work done that is not kernel related.

    Ordering Information

    Helpdesk (best method):
    msn: [email protected]
    aim: cywkevin
    email: [email protected]

    Payment Options


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    The first 5 came faster than I expected. The next 5 will also receive one free kernel compile.

    *Limit one per company.

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