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    [For Hire] Professional Python Programmer

    Hi there my name is Global_variable which in python allows communication with methods and outside namespaces available. Anyway's I'm a Very experienced Python Programmer. I can make anything from FTP Clients, Web Clients, Security Programs, Scanners, Games, Mmorpgs, TCP Connectors, Mysql objects, updating programs, patchers, launchers, anti-hack systems, etc.

    I'm available most of the time mainly about 6-9 hours daily. I've also made MSN Messenger 3rd party programs and AIM 3rd party programs. I can pretty much build any type of script or application when it comes to python programming.

    So if you need something done, please contact me on my IM(MSN Messenger) @: [email protected]

    I'm always on MSN when I'm online.


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    still open for hire

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