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Thread: RaQ4 ssl

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    RaQ4 ssl


    I am installing an ssl cert - I couldn't use the control panel (an error didn't allow me to continue), so I installed manually. I ran and it shows to be the correct issuer, correct dates and the certificate matches the private key. However, when I go to the site, there is an ssl error being reported. Seems the RaQ certificate is being presented instead of the vsite's certificate.

    This is a RaQ3 running RaQ4 and Zeffie's updates. Zeffie did the install.

    Anyone have an idea what is happening?

    Also - and this may be related - when I go to the siteadmin panel for the RaQ, I get an error page "File Not Found - The requested URL was not found on this server."

    I ran and but base site still does not work. I am at a loss. Any ideas?


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    It looks like I am getting a not found error. I am using Zeffie's "" with ""

    Could this cause this error? Where can I find a compatible


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    RaQ4 siteadmin panel

    OK, don't ask me why, but it has been 2 days since this problem started. I forced a reinstall of curl, but nothing was fixed. About three hours later, I went to the site and the cert came up the way it should have. I have no idea why.

    I still am having the problem with the siteadmin panel for the RaQ. If anyone can help in getting that back, I would appreciate it.


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