Need a remote backup of all your audio files (ie: music, podcasts, etc) and saved downloads from iTunes? Consider this the average download from iTunes cost about 99 cents and the average internet user has between 400 iTune downloads and up.

With our iPod Hosting Solutions you have remote backup saving you hundreds of dollars in case
of a computer crash or damaged mp3 player.

On top of that we create a blog site for you that allows you to
easily create and manage syndication feeds, view podcast download stats, and allows you to charge users for Premium Content (Pay Only)

Company Information

Company Name: HostDemon
Company URL:
Company Telephone Number: 1.800.526.0952
Company Description: HostDemon specializes in helping customers build a successful online presence with an array of services that expose the web design community that are just beginning to understand the market for mobile device compatible websites. In the future more and more websites will be easily browsable by devices like your children's portable game system or Mp3 player. We also offer all the services you would expect from an affordable web hosting provider including, domain registration, hosting plans, and custom web design with instant weekly backups of your content.

Plan Information

Hosting Plan Name: Podcasting
Payment Options (Visa, MC, etc.): All Major Credit Card, Paypal, & Mail-in-Payment
Billing Cycle (monthly, quarterly, etc.): Monthly & Yearly
Monthly Price of our Hosting Plan: $3.00 ($30 per/yr)
Web Space (MB): 500
Operating System: Linux
Setup Fee: $0.00
Data Transfer (MB per month): 2000
Number of Email Accounts: 1
Connection: (T1, T3, OC3, etc.): Multiple Gigabit
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This is an exciting and easy way for businesses to connect with customers online. With podcasts, you can share communication, entertain visitors and market your products and services.

Additional Comments: We have been providing web hosting solutions since 2003. At the time our company did not provide hosting services and most of our clients were made up of friends and family that wanted either a website built or a website revamped. Now in 2007 we still offer a superior hosting service to our clients. Although, support and reliability we offer has proven to be the key factor in our ability to be a competitive force in the ever growing hosting market. Our ability to grow and offer hosting solutions to an array of internet based devices is a testament to why with your in good hands.

At we don't wear suits and ties and we certainly don't work out of our parent's basement. We are a group of web savvy individuals with a strong passion for art and technology.

We are an electronic company originating from Canada and spans throughout the USA and UK.

We guarantee your site will have a 99.9% uptime and receive a 30 day money back guarantee on any of our monthly plans. If we fail to deliver we will refund you!