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    When to move to dedicated?

    What is the best hosting solution for a $600k/year company needing 100% uptime email and a simple (no forums or ecommerce) website?

    The company does not need huge volumes of disk-space or bandwidth so a dedicated server seems to be overkill. That said, a $20/month shared package seems cheap.

    Any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I would always suggest a colocated server. best choice!

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    While that may be a good choice, they still have to purchase the parts and take care of installations and managing their own server after that. You could get away with a low-end server if that's what you need and use Google Apps' Premier Edition accounts which cost 50$/year and come with a guarantee of 99.9% uptime, even though because of their cool architecture I doubt you'll ever see it down.
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    I would go with what cristibighea said.
    Google Apps' premier edition is a cost effect solution to obtaining 100% uptime! I have an account that is premier, just for test purposes, and it has never gone down!
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    Hi Chris,

    I think you cna find $50/month dedicated server but that would be P4 machine. Honestly you can not expect great support for these money, unless you do not have any special business relationship with the hosting provider. i wouls suggest you to speak with some web hosts and to discuss the service. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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