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    ...domain name reseller?

    Was wondering if anyone knew of this company We have been looking into being able to resell domain names to our clients and are looking for the right solution. Up till now we have just been using GoDaddy to register all domain names, but this company looks like you can get their free account and still save about 30 cents over GoDaddy's prices.

    Anyone have any experience with these guys or have any suggestions for us. Thanks!

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    Well, i've been browsing the forums, and have found one that has caught my eye. In fact, this is the engine that empoweres GoDaddy. It's asking for a $99 front, but check it out.. it may catch your eye.
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    Why not try the domain name forum - thats a common question over there.

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    i use the one for godaddy and they can raise their prices at any time so if you have a gimmick @ 8.50 they can change it and make you raiseyour prices to 8.75 which is their bare minimum now.

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