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    GameRail Network Discontinued

    Just got this:

    It is with deep regret to announce that the GameRail network has been discontinued at this time. Thank you to the gamers who have participated in the GameRail trial and support of its development as we worked to solve the issues of latency and network quality and their impact on gaming. We believe that latency and network quality will continue to affect the gaming experience and while we are still believers in the GameRail concept, the market does not appear to be ready to support a standalone network for gaming at this time.

    GameRail Team
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    That's a shame- was an interesting concept. And I'm not even a gamer.
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    I'm not really surprised. When I first saw gamers gushing over the 2 hops in a traceroute while running their client I thought to myself nothing more than VPN like connection. But even when it was obvious it was a little more the ping difference for most users was what 5ms? In some cases it was worse so they were really not providing anything worth the money.
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    I think the concept was a great idea - on paper. Like TonyB said, in a real world environment the advantage was marginal at best. Had it shown some true improvements in routes and latency, I have no doubt it could have been a great success.
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    It sure sounded good, but just a little bit of common sense made you realize that it didn't really seem possible. Overall it still really has to travel over the same lines as any other traffic, and unless they build their own network it wasn't going to get much better. Not sure how it could be done really.

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