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    Site won't load based on IP?

    I recently put up a website and after about a week, I suddenly can not access it. The site went down after the host had a problem with the http on the server and it never came back for me but it works for everyone else. It times out while trying to connect in both the web browser and FTP client. The problem appears to be related to my internet connection, because the site won't load on any computer that is using my internet. When I disconnect from my cable and use my cellphone as a modem, the site works fine. The site works for everyone else that has tried though.

    Besides changing my IP address, how do I go about getting the site to work?

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    I would suggest contacting the host and ask them to look in there firewall to see if your ip has been blocked.

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    Run a tracert command from windows prompt to the domain name, see where it drops off.
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