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    All VPS accounts are unmanaged.

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    Included with all accounts:
    HyperVM PowerPanel
    FREE Reboots
    FREE OS Reloads
    FREE IP addresses
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    5 IP Addresses

    10 GB Storage
    128 MB Dedicated RAM
    150 GB Total Transfer or 1 mbit unmetered

    25 GB Storage
    256 MB Dedicated RAM
    300 GB Total Transfer or 2 mbit unmetered

    50 GB Storage
    512 MB Dedicated RAM
    500 GB Total Transfer or 4 mbit unmetered

    256 MB RAM: $5/m
    512 MB RAM: $8/m
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    in past i was running 250 websites over a AMD 2800 server which i buy in an offer from SERVSTRA and i were paying 85$ to them, with 512RAM, Cpanel / Fantastico / WHM i was having no problem with that, as mostly clients are small companies / corporate they just use emails and mostly have less then 30 users per day. The server was maintained by my friend, then he left this business and bcoz i dont know server management, my server use to down on daily basis, then i partnership with a friend having dual processor Xeon 2.8 ghz server with 2GB ram , but having downtime on that server too (Bcoz he is hosting some music sites and proxy sites with lot of traffic)
    My budget for per month is under 85$ per month as i were paying same for dedicated server to servstra.

    Does ur VPSIP3 package can handle that much load? or if i buy 2 vps then it can handle my 250 websites? by the way all my webs are hosted under 25GB of web space

    I need CPanel / Whm

    Please reply
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    VPSIP3... "4mbit unmetered"
    how fast (estimate) does this go per second in Kilobytes?... is it dedicated?
    I estimate 476 kbps - is this correct?

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    PM me for a price match or custom quotes and I'll be happy to help.
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