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    Dedicated Server Wanted: Please Advise

    Hey Guys,
    I am in need of your assistance. I first started this topic in VPS forum, i was recomended to look for a dedicated server. I have a media web site that i want to run on a dedicated server. I am looking for

    Fast CPU
    200 Gig Bandwidth
    1.5 Gig RAM
    At any time i have 200 users on my site
    USA Located Host (any location within USA is fine)

    My buget is $100 per month, but i am looking for a secured and safe host. What would you recomend?


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    You can get servers from any place for 100 dollars... the real question is what kind of bandwidth do you want to get. For a media streaming site you definitely want to be in areas with lots of fiber so your video/audio files stream well for your end users.

    But of course some will argue differently.
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    And are you going to manage it yourself? Otherwise keep $30-$50 for server management and backup etc every month
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    Check the offers section, review hosts that seem to have good pricing. Just remember, cheap is not always the best.

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