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    Question Looking to resell dedicated servers

    Hi all,

    My hosting business is currently looking for a U.S based company that we can resell there dedicated servers, we have plenty of Australian based servers in our data centre but just want to have a U.S based company so we can resell there dedicated servers if we get customers that require a very high amount of bandwidth. I have heard good words about Softlayer will they let us resell does anyone know? being a dedicated server customer, my customers understand that no support is given, only basic things like a reboot etc will be the only support that will be needed for my customers

    any recommendations will be great

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    try oc3 network u may find something useful there


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    I believe softlayer requires a minimum of 5 servers with them before you can have reseller status. This may have changed however so you might want to email and ask.

    Sagonet, Burst, The planet and I believe gnax has one but I've never looked into that one.

    Sago is very responsive to inquiries and will help you with anything you may need.
    Burst does end user support if you need that feature.
    The planet, well - they're the planet. Take it as you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiredMom View Post
    The planet, well - they're the planet. Take it as you like.
    Do i sense some bad experience with them?

    Eitherway, Burst may good for you, the network isn't all that great, but they have some decent deals. Other place you can resell for that i have liked in the past is Ezzi. Other then that, if you know a company you like, ask them if they will do a reseller discount with you.

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    If you experienced in server sales you may look to You will found reseller program with max 20% discount and conditions for become to reseller program is not so hard. They can setup for your customers servers in two locations (East and West US) and their product price range is about average of SL and Burst prices.
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    Another program you may want to check out is The New York NOC...they have a reseller program. contact them to see what their policies are toward it.

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    You must have one server with Atjeu (who are located in AZ) and then you get great, great pricing.

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    264 is good
    25% discount

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    just a reminder.. more than discount that you are getting, pay attention to quality of host you are going with.. Am sure for 5-10%, you don't want your clients to call you every alternate day.. Happy Clients are worth much more
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    I highly suggest Limestone Networks... They have a great network and setup times are absolutely awesome. Response times from support are also very good.

    They charge more than Burst and don't offer as much of a discount, but the quality of the service and hardware you receive is worth every penny.

    I've always found Ryan and Mike in sales to be VERY helpful and are willing to work with you to do whatever they can to make sure you are satisfied.

    A big plus is that all of the servers come with remote reboot and you can reboot any of your servers through one control panel. They also offer an API so that you can technically write your own script to offer remote reboot from your client area.
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