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    wrong forom
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    First I looked and thought, great plans
    (part of) your generic plan:
    550 MB Disk Space
    20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    25 E-Mail POP Accounts
    $10.00 per month

    Then I checked the add-ons:
    Additional bandwidth - $15/gigabyte (!!)

    Your 65$/month plan includes 60 GB/month, do you regular customers with added bandwith pay for that?

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    That's supposed to be $5/month. It would be insane to pay $15/month for extra bandwidth when you could just upgrade to the next plan. And going over on bandwidth is not something we necessarily frown upon that much. We're not going to come after you every month for a couple of gigabytes over your limit. No one has needed that much bandwidth so far.

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