Yes, forget promises of unlimited this, unlimited that - what you really want is a host that you know is going to be in it for the long haul with you.

And thats us.

No really.

From as little as 4 per month, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a Windows host (with Helm control panel) that doesn't oversell, doesn't overload and owns all their own servers!

Heres our packages:

5 Gb Data transfer
250Mb Space
5 Email addresses
ASP (.net/classic)
4 / month
40 / year

Bronze - Multi Domain!
10 Gb Data transfer
500Mb Space
10 Email addresses
5 MySQL Database
2 Domains
2 Sub-Domains
ASP (.net/classic)
6 / month
60 / year

Silver - Multi Domain!
20 Gb Data transfer
1Gb Space
20 Email addresses
5 MySQL Databases
4 Domains
4 Sub domains
ASP (.net/classic)
8 / month
79 / year

Gold - Multi Domain!
35 Gb Data transfer
1.5Gb Space
25 Email addresses
8 MySQL Databases
8 Domains
8 Sub domains
ASP (.net/classic)
11 / month
119 / year

Platinum - Multi Domain!
50 Gb Data transfer
2Gb Space
75 Email addresses
15 MySQL Database
16 Domains
16 Sub domains
ASP (.net/classic)
18 / month
179 / year

Enter the promotion code 20percent and you can even have 20% off your first bill period! Yes, that would be a saving of up to 36!

Try us now, you won't be disappointed - take a look at or visit to order.

Any questions? Email us at [email protected]

All prices exclude vat