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    Error 421 Service not available

    hi experts
    When i am trying to connect to ftp, browser shows me error
    Error 421 Service not available, closing control connection

    this problem comes at home but not in office. I am able to access my ftp a/c with same user name and password but in home it i got the error.

    Please can i solve that issue

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    Do you have root on the server that the ftp daemon is hosted at? If so, what ftp daemon are you running? Also, if you do have root, is this a vps, or dedicated server? yes, it does matter.

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    It's most likely you are behind a firewall (your ISP or your router). Try using the "passive" mode of your FTP client.

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    Could you paste the result of telnet command

    telnet serverip 21
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    also check your 'home' computer's firewall settings

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    Fist i had taken shared hosting then after two days i applied dedicated ip address to that domain from the same hosting company.

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    I don't know about telnet, how to use telnet command please help

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    What i have to check in my firewall settings. Please help

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    i have typed telnet command in CMD like
    telnet myserver ip 21
    it showed two error
    1- 530 connection refused, unknown IP address
    2- 421 service not available, closing control connection

    please help me how to solve this problem.

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    Answer my question.

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    "unknown IP address"? Could you access http://your.server.ip.address from your browser? Could you show us your server IP address?
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