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    How to configure domains to host at home using

    What I'm thinking about it's to something like this:

    1. Mount a powerfull server, install centos with cpanel and connect it to 2 ISPs with a router that can do this.
    2. Install the no-ip client or perhaps update the dns from the router (someones do that by the firmware)
    3. Host customers on it

    Now the question it's, how can I do this?

    option 1: point the domains I want to host to one domain in no-ip like (don't works because the domain given it's not is not a valid Nameserver)

    option 2: perhaps create a CNAME in one other domain and point to no-ip (i don't see it clear)

    any ideas about this? too complicated? thanks! honest european provider

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    This it's not possible to do because cpanel need a static ip, uf! honest european provider

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    Like you say it won't be possible without a static IP because that is what cPanel uses for licensing.

    See if you can get a static IP, because doing what you want to will work a lot better with one. Typically mail sent from dynamic IP's will be marked as spam due to most spam bots being infected home computers.

    You should also look into some of the free control panels rather than specifying on cPanel as you will save quite a bit on your outlying costs, but that's up to you and how you stand on free software. (IMO all the way).

    I've hosted plenty of my own sites on dynamic IP's and it does work fine, although with what you are wanting to do it will complex things quite a lot when you are trying to use more than one domain pointed to the same IP.

    From this onwards, I would ask your ISP about static IP's and see if you can get them. Usually these will only be available on the higher end packages but its worth asking anyway.

    You biggest problem will be your upload speed. Typically this will be your biggest bottleneck.

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    Have you got compelling reasons for doing this at home rather than buying a reseller account, or VPS and paying someone else to deal with the headaches of security and network configuration?

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    237 offers dymanic dns for free on any domain you want, better than relying on no-ip shared domains

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    Quote Originally Posted by brookie View Post
    Have you got compelling reasons for doing this at home rather than buying a reseller account, or VPS and paying someone else to deal with the headaches of security and network configuration?
    I don't think there are any compelling reasons as just the cost of electricity will probably be more than a decent reseller account. I know when I ran a server at home it cost me around $40-$50 a month for the electricity alone. The cost of a business Internet account was an additional $70 a month (above my $40 a month home account and included a static IP) just so I could have a decent download speed. Just remember with your home account, your upload (outgoing) speed is very slow (typically 128K) and that is the download (outgoing) speed for your home server. The headaches of having to deal with the hackers 24/7 was not worth it. For $25 a month you can get a decent reseller account at a good hosting company. Very few worries and few problems. JMHO

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    If you have the connection for it management will be way easier (backups and such) and upgrades are virtually free since any hardware cost will pay itself very fast.

    What I'd do though is get a seperate DNS service, then do all the IP pointing in there. Broadband will rarely ever change IP but when it does just go change it. Set a low enough TTL.

    Also a computer uses maybe the equivalent of a couple lights (100 watt bulbs) so electricity is not really a huge issue. You're still saving a lot. As you expand you can even go wind/solar power.

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