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    Installing a script for a friend who uses Godaddy. Login required to view site?

    This is very weird since I have done a lot of installs over the years. I assume this is some Godaddy problem so hopefully you guys can help. I got FTP access to his site and noticed there is no www or public_html directory, so I just uploaded the files but when I access his site a popup appears asking for a login. This is weird since the script doesn't require a login so I am not sure what is going on. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Your best bet is to contact their support department to check with this, as I think their setup can be different or possibly your friend had it password protected himself somehow. Keep us updated on the resolution!

    Good luck
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    Does the directory's .htaccess file contain anything?

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    Yeah sorry to forget to update this topic. I contacted their support since I didn't realize it was 24/7 phone support. The guy had a Windows hosting account and I converted it to Linux hosting so in 24 hours it should update and work. The script uses php and the tech guy said that is the cause of the problem so hopefully he is correct.
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    So it was hosted in a windows environment and this was the explanation for it not working? Was just the script not working or the entire site as a whole?
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    The entire site wasn't working and the tech guy said it was due to Windows so I will know for sure once the account gets switched to linux in 24 hours. I am sure that is the problem since I have been working with linux sites for so many years that I recognize the common problems such as redirects and htaccess files causing problems.

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