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    ecommerce foreign company and euros

    we currently use paybox for our credit card transaction in Europe.

    We are planning to open a subsidiary in South America.

    Are you aware of a system like or cdg commerce that will enable us to do recurring billing both on euros and dollars?

    Must I be a US company to use or cdg commerce or can I use it as, say, a Colombian or brazilian company?

    Thanks in advance,


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    What kind of products/services are you selling?
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    You should not have any problems to find a European provider which will be able to make one solution for all your online payment needs.

    Most of the major Acquiring Banks will be able to setup an account with all the requirements you have and which will cover your business activity all around the world. For instant you might be interested in WorldPay.

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    more information

    I may sell roses.

    I can do it through the european entity but the objective would be to be standalone with the latin american company.

    If I sell through european entity I would have to pay custom taxes...

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    One suggestion would be to set up your latin american financial operations in Panama. Many acquiring banks there are willing to set you up with a MID that can process multicurrency and set you up with a settlement account.
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