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    Question Issues with PHP5 and MySQL 4.1

    I've a shared account and been in discussion with a support guy concerning upgrading my database from MySQL4 to MySQL5.

    Basically their trying to get me to reupload a big database with timelimits imposed on sever uploads, last time this took me approx three days to fully upload in segments.

    What came to light recently, this is due to me using MySQL 4.1 with PHP5?

    I run forum on a shared server using phpBB 2.0.23 and not sure what to make from it as I've moved from another host and not encountered issues like this before.

    Anyone in the know have any comments?

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    They want you to reupload your DB after they upgrade it? If I've understood, this makes very little sense.

    The database files built on 4.0, can be used on 5.0 as well. MySQL have a number of scripts in place that can be used to confirm data integrity, etc.

    What came to light recently, this is due to me using MySQL 4.1 with PHP5?
    PHP cares not at all for the flavor of MySQL being used; the syntax is the same. What you will need to do, is recompile PHP after the MySQL upgrade, since the PHP MySQL bridge is compiled against mysql.h, which is version specific.

    1. Upgrade MySQL
    2. Perform the steps to correct your tables (usually does nothing in fact)
    3. Recompile PHP

    None of this requires you to upload/download anything -- it's all in your host's hands.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for reply.

    Just trying to understand the support guys comments, I wondered if I'd done something wrong using MySQL ver 4 with PHP5.

    My forum lost connection with database and they stated I had to upgrade database to Mysql-v5

    If I understand what your saying correctly, they possibly recompiled php in the first instance and maybe a reason why I lost connection?

    After a fuss was made, the connections ok again using MySQL 4 but the latest comment was that I'm creating a problem using mysql 4 with PHP5!

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    Well, first I've got to ask why someone is using MySQL4? That's just silly. MySQL5 is pretty stable, has been for a good while now.

    Saeven is right, however. php5 doesn't complain about mysql4, or at least I never saw it do so when running sql4. If you're getting database errors, then there's a few problems.

    #1: you need to check configurations
    #2: you need to recompile php properly tying in the mysql database (maybe it was upgraded and php needs to be recompiled?)
    #3: Use mysqli
    #4: use the old passwords option if that still doesn't work

    It sounds to me though like they want you to 'upgrade to mysql5', which means more money for them. A bit of a sham if you ask me.
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    I migrated from another host using a MySQL v4.1 database.

    When I opened an account with them it clearly indicated database MySQL v4.1 and v5 on server.

    So uploaded the same version I'd been running for some years.

    Sounds like I'm getting more of the same old crok from this support guy.

    Plan to change host before next renewal!

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