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    Looking for unique, creative advertising opportunities

    Hello all,
    I'm looking for unique and creative ad opportunities (sponsoring a forum or business, blog, contest, etc) as well as inexpensive banner/clearly visible text link paid advertising on sites with a decent amount of traffic for a web host, The content of the site should be something where web host advertising fits in and has a chance to do well.

    I've been growing pretty steadily the last week or so, and have all happy customers so far.

    Please send all ad and cooperation inquiries to: [email protected] or PM me here.

    Thank you!
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    We are in the process of setting up a web hosting directory!

    Your info sounds very good! And we would be interested in knowing whether or not you would like to be either a sponsor of the directory, or an advertiser on it?

    Initially the advertising costs will be low, until we really get going and then they will go up; however, we would appreciate your help at this stage, and as a result we would give you a reduced recurring rate.

    Our plan is for the first few months, to work with professional web promotion teams to ensure a steady flow of 10,000 unique visitors to the site monthly.

    If you are interested, let us know!


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    I might be interested in sponsorship...let me know how to contact you or how to proceed. Or feel free to contact us.
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    ben.murray (at) shoot me an email

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    We run a webmaster discussion forum.
    If you want you can sponser a content there.
    Let me know if you are interested.
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    Good to here your business is growing. What kind of service do you want to advertise... a shared hosting plans? - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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