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    Smile [UK] Powerful & Stable XEN Virtual Servers - Managed VPS

    PC Smart Hosting currently has the following Xen Virtual Servers, Available for setup within 24 hours.

    No Overselling, No hidden fees, No Nonsense. Just affordable Virtual Servers and Great performance! Tun/Tap is available by default for VPN Applications. Basic Management is included for initial control panel setup and operating system issues to help you get up and running. We fully support LxAdmin under this.

    Get 50% off your first month, with Coupon Code: VSL50

    • Equal Share CPU of an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 4x 2.4GHz
    • All nodes run RAID 1 with 100Mbit Connectivity & 4GB RAM
    • Max Density of 10-15 Virtual Servers per Node
    • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee
    • HyperVM for Reboots/OS Reloads
    We offer CentOS 4.6, CentOS 5.1, Fedora Core 7, Fedora Core 8, Debian 3.1, Debian 4.0, and Gentoo.

    LxAdmin, Webmin and cPanel-DNSOnly available free.
    cPanel is 8/Month Basic Managed or 16/Month Fully Managed
    DirectAdmin is /3 Month


    128MB RAM + 256MB Swap
    5GB Disk Space
    150GB Monthly Transfer
    1 Fixed IP

    6.99/Month | Order


    256MB RAM + 512MB Swap
    10GB Disk Space
    200GB Monthly Transfer
    2 Fixed IPs

    12.99/Month | Order


    512MB RAM + 1024MB Swap
    20GB Disk Space
    350GB Monthly Transfer
    2 Fixed IPs

    22.99/Month | Order


    768MB RAM + 1536MB Swap
    30GB Disk Space
    450GB Monthly Transfer
    2 Fixed IPs

    32.99/Month | Order


    1024MB RAM + 2048MB Swap
    40GB Disk Space
    550GB Monthly Transfer
    2 Fixed IPs

    38.99/Month | Order


    1) Payments via PayPal or Google Checkout. Setup within 24 hours.
    2) We do not allow IRC or Torrents of any form on our network. Legal Adult content is allowed.
    3) Additional IP's can be added at 1/Month per IP. Max of 10 IPs per Virtual Server.
    4) Custom solutions are available, email us or post here with your requirements.
    5) Want to Resell VPS? VPS Reseller Opportunities also available. Ask for details.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here or alternativley contact us on any of the below mediums:

    Email: sales (at)

    Thanks for looking!

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    Can you setup a PPTP / L2TP VPN server for me? If yes, how much is the fee?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ysmedia View Post
    Can you setup a PPTP / L2TP VPN server for me? If yes, how much is the fee?


    There is a good guide here should you want to have a go yourself:

    However VPN installation/configuration isnt something our management could fully support for you I'm afraid.

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